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The H2O-2GO cart safely transports pressurised fresh water for easy plant care. Water is dispensed using a spray gun or other interchangeable nozzles – It is very easy to use and has no batteries or electrical pump, so requires no charging and little to no maintenance. It fills from a suitable mains water tap and has a completely sealed steel water tank, making the moving of water easier and more efficient. It also overcomes the Health & Safety issues associated with using hosepipes in an office or retail environment.

The cart is easily filled by disconnecting the quick release spray gun, then connecting the curly hose end directly to a suitable mains tap using standard garden hose fittings and left to fill – The tank is sealed and can not overflow, so can be left unattended while filling, which takes 5-10 minutes.

So how does it work without pumps or batteries??……. The pressure is created during filling by the free mains pressure already in your tap. An expanding diaphragm in the cart tank stores this pressure ready to be used remotely. There is no trick, just physics! It really is that simple and it works again and again. The maximum volume of water is therefore dependent on the available mains water pressure, but as a rough guide, 5bar will equate to approximately 40-50 litres – Less tap pressure will equate to less water onboard.

Water is very heavy! 1litre = 1kg, but our carts have manoeuvrability, even within tight spaces due to their swivelling caster front wheels, one of which is fitted with a foot brake for un-even surfaces. 


  • Zinc Plated, Steel chassis
  • Durable polyester fabric outer cover
  • Black, Dark Green, Dark Blue or Orange
  • Window & clipboard pocket
  • Multi Jet, Metal spray gun, quick release Brass fittings
  • Curly hose
  • Padded hand grip
  • Sealed steel water tank – Tested to ANSI/NSF Standards
  • Caster steering front wheels
  • Foot brake
  • Solid rear wheels and tyres
  • Dry weight – 33kg Approx water capacity – 50ltr (subject to input water pressure
  • Height 1020 mm
  • Width 530mm

Other Colour Options

H2O-SLS-BLK Black Cover

H2O-SLS-DBL Dark Blue Cover

H2O-SLS-DGR Dark Green Cover

H2O-SLS-ORG Orange Cover