H2o2go Carts - delivering mobile, pressurised water carts for garden centre and car wash applications

Slimline Plant Watering (SLS & SLH)

H2o2go Carts are perfect for keeping your plant displays, baskets and beds well watered quickly,easily and efficiently. Simply fill from the tap and spray those plants!

Our carts fill from a regular mains tap and use the free pressure available in the mains to store 35-50 litres of water under pressure (dependent on tank choice and water pressure), ready to be used remotely on plants to easily, efficiently and safely keep them healthy and looking their best. No batteries, pumps or electricity, just physics!

SLS Cart plant watering


The Advantages 

  • Save time and labour by streamlining the plant watering process. Less time spent refilling buckets/watering cans means you and/or your staff can use their time more effectively.
  • Dying plants do not sell and reflect badly on a business as customers may view it as a lack of care. Our carts illustrate a professional plant care image and make it quick and easy to keep plants well-watered (especially in the hot summer months). Healthy plants appeal to customers – this increases sales and wastage will naturally be significantly reduced.
  • The H2o2go Cart overcomes various health and safety issues that arise from using leaky buckets/watering cans and trailing hoses, meaning you can water the plants safely and efficiently during business hours.
  • Easily manoeuvrable even when full and small space footprint.
  • No pumps or electricity is required, just a mains tap.

SLS SLH Comparison


  • Zinc Plated, Steel chassis
  • Durable polyester fabric outer cover
  • Black, Dark Green, Lime Green, Dark Blue or Grass covers available
  • Window & clipboard pocket
  • Multi Jet, Metal spray gun, quick release Hozelock fittings
  • Curly hose
  • Padded hand grip
  • Sealed steel water tank – Tested to ANSI/NSF Standards
  • Caster steering front wheels
  • Foot brake
  • Solid rear wheels and tyres
  • Dry weight – 33kg Approx water capacity – 50ltr (subject to input water pressure)
  • Height 1020 mm
  • Width 530mm