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Hi-Line Horti Work Station

Hi-Line Horti Work Station 


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The H2O-2GO  Hi-Line Horti Work Station is a fantastic solution to your plant watering needs. The water cart makes it easy to transport large quantities of water (approx 100l) around your store or supermarket without the need for heavy buckets or tricky, dangerous hoses. The cart is made up of a robust, zinc-plated, steel frame and a custom moulded, indestructible tank for strength, durability and quality.


 Simply fill up and move around the store easily on the carts tough caster wheels, fitted with solid rubber tyres (for easy manoeuvrability). Then fill up from a bucket from the easy access tap at the base of the tank and get those plants watered and looking great!


The cart features a large work top area and two individual water tanks. The work top has various cut outs for and space for plant watering accessories, along with an A4 size clipboard area.

The front tank is designed for any waste water and is held in place by rubber toggles for easy removal and emptying – this can alternatively be fitted with a refuse bag and used as a rubbish bin.




  • Zinc Plated, Steel chassis
  • Indestructible moulded water tanks & lid
  • Moulded lid with slots and space for watering accessories
  • Clipboard area
  • Coated hand grip
  • Caster steering rear wheels
  • Foot brake
  • Solid polyurethane tyres
  • Dry weight – 42kg
  • Approx water capacity – Main Tank 100ltr/Front 40ltr

Width 600mm Length 1000mm Height 1050 mm