H2o2go Carts - delivering mobile, pressurised water carts for garden centre and car wash applications

Reasons Why You Need a Cart!

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    • Save time and labour by streamlining the watering process.
        • Less time spent refilling watering cans means your staff can spend more on other tasks


    • Improved Health and Safety, due to the reduction of risk from leaky watering cans and trailing hoses.
        • This allows you to water the plants more efficiently, even during business hours


    • Project a professional plant care image, illustrating that you take the care of your plants seriously.
        • Dying, dry plants create a poor image and can negatively impact sales


    • Easily manoeuvrable even when full and has a small space footprint
    • No pumps or electricity required
        • Simply fill up from a mains tap and GO!


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