H2o2go Carts - delivering mobile, pressurised water carts for garden centre and car wash applications


Testimonials from our wonderful customers:

Sue Homebase Garden Centre employee
I love my watering trolley, it’s brilliant! I love it so much I brought it to our team huddle to show off to the rest of the team and even insisted the store cover it in SmartWater in case it gets stolen!

Garden Centre Team
Garden Centre Team Garden Centre Trial
  • Agile – Greater range of distance and more manoeuvrable
  • Fantastic for watering plants at the front of store – improves efficiency
  • Safe – no trailing hose pipes around the garden centre
  • Good, constant pressure
  • Very easy to use
  • Robust design
  • Timesaving of 2hrs per week when watering the indoor plants

Overall – Excellent piece of kit. Will save time in peak season to the tune of 5 to 10 hours spent on watering per week.

Staff at store
Staff at store Garden Centre/Nursery - UK based

We have now had a few days to try out carts (Gnome Cart). Great! Used it at a show last weekend when the weather was terribly hot. Saved the life of our plants. I see people every evening walking with a camping water roller to our allotments and am tempted to run outside and demo it!

Garden/Grounds Staff
Garden/Grounds Staff NHS Trust Hospital Garden
Thank you for sending us the cart, our gardener has asked me to contact to you to say that he is very happy with the equipment and that it is very easy to use. It is an excellent product